Los Angeles Elder Abuse Lawyer

Elder mistreatment or abuse can occur at any time to anyone, regardless of the sex of the elder, the elder’s social status, or his or her ethnicity. Abuse of the aged can have many faces, and it, disturbingly, most often occurs at the hands of those who are most trusted by the victims, such as their own spouses, children or grandchildren, caregivers, or financial and other advisors.

California’s laws enumerate specific types of elder abuse, including physical abuse, neglect, financial abuse, desertion or abandonment, isolation, and kidnapping or abduction. However, almost any behavior that leads to the harm, pain, or mental suffering of a defenseless adult may qualify as elder abuse, regardless of whether those exact results were actually intended. A Los Angeles elder abuse lawyer who is skilled in this area of the law can advise you regarding your specific case.

The signs of elder abuse can be quite understated, particularly when the abuse is not physical. Some things to look out for are: changes in the elder’s appearance, grooming, or his or her overall behavior; abnormal banking transactions; or impulsive changes to a will or other estate planning vehicle. However, additional signs of elder abuse may be more readily apparent when looking at the relationships between elders and their caregivers, whether they are in the elder’s home or in a facility for the aged.

For example, does the caregiver always give the impression that he or she is more concerned about the elder’s finances than with the elder’s physical and/or mental wellbeing? Has the caregiver secluded the elder, or does the caregiver stop the elder from interacting with friends and family unless the caregiver is present? Any of these signs, whether alone or combined, may suggest that the elder has fallen prey to neglect, mistreatment, or financial abuse. If you believe that one or more of these actions has happened to you or your loved one, you may find it beneficial to seek the services of a skilled Los Angeles elder abuse lawyer.

With regard to elder care facilities in California, it is typically the state Violent Crimes investigators who examine and investigate the possible physical abuse of elders that is committed by individual employees of such facilities. These crimes include things such as murder, rape, false imprisonment, assault, and battery. It is the Facilities Enforcement Team who investigates and prosecutes the corporate entities, such as nursing homes, hospitals, and residential care facilities, for accepting or endorsing the practices that lead to neglect and/or a low quality of care.

If you or one of your loved ones has been abused, a Los Angeles elder abuse lawyer may be able to help you get the compensation you deserve. Call DA&D Law for a free consultation.