Los Angeles Wrongful Death Attorney

You are here because someone you love has been seriously injured or killed. A life changing event for the injured and their loved ones. We selectively accept and prosecute cases in which the victims truly need our help.

Our trial los angeles wrongful death attorney combine decades of experience and thousands of hours of time actually spent in the courtroom. We have earned our reputation by both taking cases to trial and by commanding the highest settlement amounts in the profession.

We have represented thousands of clients with a success rate of more than 97%. Our settlements have set records against the County of Los Angeles. All of our trial los angeles wrongful death attorneys must maintain a Martindale Hubble AV rating, the highest industry standard for ability and ethics.

We use retain the top expert witnesses and use the latest in courtroom technology to put your case in front of the jury for maximum result. We are pioneers in the use of courtroom technology. We often present our expert witness testimony by way of videotape thus eliminating the possibility of surprise or awkward testimony. Your case is presented like a television show.

We often incorporate day in the life videos for seriously injured or brain injured clients to effectively communicate just how profound every aspect of a life has been changed.

In auto accident cases we will present “black box” evidence now available from many vehicles to show actual driving conditions such as speed and brake application and seat belt use.

Our trial attorneys include the following:

  • Million Dollar Advocates (Must have verdict in excess of $1,000,000)
  • Chairman Litigation Committee South Bay Bar Association
  • Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles
  • Consumer Attorneys of California
  • All of our civil trial attorneys are Martindale Hubble A/V rated