Trial Procedure: What Happens After All Testimony Has Been Given?

Once all the testimony in the case has been given by both sides at the trial, both attorneys will then be given the opportunity to make closing arguments.  In closing arguments, both your Los Angeles personal injury attorney and the attorney for the opposition will have a chance to go over the main points of the case for the benefit of both the judge and jury and then ask for a verdict.

Your attorney will be allowed to speak first, followed by the attorney for the defense. After the defense attorney completes his or her closing argument, your attorney may or may not be offered a brief amount of time for rebuttal statements.  Once closing arguments are done, the judge will then instruct the jury on the applicable law and how it should be applied to the case at hand.

Depending on the judge, this process can take up to an hour or more.  The judge’s instructions are the last words that the jury will hear in the case before they undergo deliberations.  The judge is not allowed to influence the jury one way or the other as to the potential outcome in the case.  Once the judge finishes his or her instructions, the jury is then allowed to deliberate in a closed room.

When the jury has completed their deliberations and has reached a verdict, the judge will call everyone back into the courtroom and the verdict will be announced.  It is during this time that you will learn whether or not you have won your case and how much money, if any, has been awarded by the jury.  If you need a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, please call today for a free consultation.

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