What Will the Insurance Company for the Person, Persons, or Company at Fault Do About My Claim?

Once the insurance company has been informed about the claim, a file is immediately setup in your case. An insurance claims adjuster will be assigned to your file by a claims supervisor or manager, and he or she may actually end up assigning different adjusters to your case as it goes along.

The claims adjuster is the one who will be held responsible for your file, and he or she will keep in contact with your attorney. The adjuster will also conduct an independent investigation of your claim to determine certain things, such as: who is at fault in your case; whether or not you bear any of the fault for your own injuries; the potential witnesses in the case (for both sides); the place where the accident occurred; and the contents of various reports, which include the police reports, DMV reports, and any other investigative reports that exist. A skilled Torrance personal injury attorney can further advise you regarding the process that most claims adjusters go through when handling personal injury claims.

After that preliminary investigation, the adjuster will ask for medical reports and any other reports that speak to your injuries. The adjuster will also go through documents related to your lost wages. But most importantly, the insurance adjuster will want an accurate accounting of all of your doctors’ bills, medication bills, hospital bills, therapy bills, and any other actual expenses that were incurred because of your injury. That is why it is crucial for you to keep an accurate account of your doctors’ bills, lost income, and other expenses that stem from your injury. If you need a Torrance personal injury attorney, please call DA&D Law at (800) 257-6666 for a free consultation.

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