The Claims Adjuster Told Me That I Don’t Need an Attorney… Do I?

Insurance adjusters typically want potential claimants to avoid the use of a skilled Torrance personal injury attorney for a number of reasons. When attorneys are used, the dollar amount of the personal injury claim undoubtedly increases. Also, the claim becomes more difficult for the adjuster to handle because once an attorney is introduced, all dealings must be made through that attorney. This may mean that your file will stay open much longer than anticipated.

Adjusters are often assessed by how quickly they can move their roster of cases. Insurance companies need to have a quick (and cheap) turnover of their claim files in order to make money. Therefore, adjusters are often pressured to ensure that a claim has as brief a shelf life as possible. The claimant’s use of an attorney greatly hinders such a goal, which is why claim adjusters much rather deal with unrepresented claimants.

Consequently, adjusters may use a variety of tactics to convince claimants not to get an attorney. For example, one of the major insurance companies has already experienced both legal and regulatory ramifications from state insurance regulators for distributing brochures to claimants that discussed reasons why they did not need to hire attorneys. Adjusters usually get to an injured person long before a personal injury attorney. Additionally, they tend to know about an accident long before an attorney is even engaged. Because of that, the adjuster may have a great advantage over a personal injury attorney when investigating the claim. Accordingly, you should immediately seek the services of a competent Torrance personal injury attorney if you have been involved in an accident.

Once you have engaged the services of a personal injury attorney, he or she will inform you that all subsequent contact with the insurance company should go through him or her. If the adjuster wants to take a statement from you, it can be done at the attorney’s office under the attorney’s purview. Your attorney will also ask you whether the insurance adjuster attempted to discourage you from seeking legal counsel. If the adjuster did, the attorney can file a complaint with the insurance company and the state insurance commission.

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