Philip Daigneault came on board in my restraining order case and for temporary spousal support and he stayed with me until the end. I have to say that he is a truly amazing lawyer. Every time we went to court I did not expect to win. However he would win. And what else do you want from a good divorce lawyer than winning. And as far as spousal support what he got me exceeded my greatest expectations. I am very happy with him, and he is a great guy. I am very lucky to have been referred to him. Two thumbs up.


My former husband, a very successful businessman, tried to force me into a settlement which was far from fair. Philip and his team of accountants were able to identify the true value of assets both here and in Asia. As a result a very fair settlement was reached which will allow me to live without financial worry for the rest of my life.


I have worked with Philip’s firm on a number of cases involving false accusations of domestic violence. As a criminal defense attorney I need to be able to refer clients to someone and know that they will receive the highest degree of professionalism. The Daigneault firm is my go to Familylaw firm.

Robert Ernenwein, Esq.

As a financial planner I worry about my clients financial well being. Divorce can leave couples bankrupt. For more than 20 years I have protected my reputation by referring clients to Daigneault, Abel & Daigneault. Virtually every client I have sent to the firm has thanked me. Their attorneys are fair, tough and cost effective.

Michael A. Johnson, Financial Advisor Wedbush Morgan Securities

My Husband was self employed and tried to hide his earnings and distort the value of his business. I was worried that I would be left in poverty. Philip Daigneault was able to determine the true value of our business and get me the support I desperately needed. Thanks!