What Happens During the Trial?

In those cases that are not too difficult, the trial process typically has a very specific format, with very few exceptions, in most cases. Depending on the jurisdiction where the trial is taking place, your trial will probably open with the judge (or the judge’s assistant or bailiff) calling for all attorneys, litigants, and prospective jurors to enter the courtroom. Once everyone has entered, the jury selection process will begin, and the attorneys for both sides are given the opportunity to exclude certain jurors at that time.

When the jury has been selected, your Los Angeles personal injury attorneys, along with opposing counsel, will be given the opportunity to make brief opening statements. These statements are typically short summaries of the case in general so that the jury will be able to logically follow along during the trial. Once the attorneys have finished making their opening statements, they will then begin presenting the case to the judge and jury.

At this time, you may be called to testify, along with any other witnesses, friends, family, or experts who may be requested to testify. Everyone who takes the witness stand will be required to testify under oath. You, along with everyone else who is there to testify, will be subjected to questions from your attorney, as well as the opposing counsel in most cases and, at times, even the judge.

Once the opposing attorney has completed his or her cross examination, your attorney may find it necessary to ask a few additional questions (redirect examination) in an effort to “clear up” any testimony that may have been brought out during cross examination.

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