When Will My Personal Injury Case Go to Settlement?

In the early stages of a personal injury claim, it is virtually impossible to forecast when that particular claim will actually go to settlement. There are some cases that settle in a period of several months after the injury, while other cases can take a few years to go to trial or settlement. Your Torrance personal injury attorney will usually hold off on trying to settle your case until such time as you have finished recovering from your injury (or you are at least close to completing your recovery).

Accordingly, it is imperative that, before you settle your case, you have a total of all injury-related medical bills for your case. You should also know whether or not your injury will require any further treatment, and if so, what that treatment might cost. Also, you will want to have an idea as to whether or not your injuries are permanent, and if they are, how much of your permanent injury has affected your ability to earn a living. Moreover, you should have an idea of what your total loss of income is and what other employment-related benefits were lost due to your injury.

There are a number of additional factors that have to be taken into account prior to going to settlement, and as the case goes along, your attorney will gain some insight into the approximate time that your case may be appropriate for settlement. If you need a Torrance personal injury attorney, please feel free to call DA&D Law at (800) 257-6666  for a free consultation.

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