Wrongfully Denied Claims: The Games That Insurers Play

Quite frequently, policyholders and claimants do not recover from insurers because they assume that the insurers are right and do not see any reason to challenge them or object to the denial of coverage. Sadly, however, the insurers will often play games when making adjustments to claims, because the insurance adjusters believe that many claims are without merit. Some of these games may not be evident to the untrained eye; however, a learned Los Angeles personal injury attorney can help you see whether or not an insurer’s denial is justified or proper.

There are quite a few signs in an insurer’s denial letter that can show that the denial is improper. For example, if the insurer neglects to mention specific insurance policy provisions in its denial letter, that may be an indication that the insurer is acting improperly. Also, if the insurer denies coverage based on language that it claims is in its policy but doesn’t actually exist, that can be a tell-tale sign of improper denial.

Additionally, there may be improper denial if the insurer fails to give you copies of the policies under which it is denying coverage or if the insurer does not state the claim-related facts in its denial of coverage.

Another indication of improper denial can be that, despite the fact that the insurer is denying the claim, it asks for more claim-related information that is typically used against the policyholder later on. Also, if the insurer never takes the time to meet with you as the policyholder before denying the claim, but it makes sure that the file has a form letter that requests information that is either unnecessary or irrelevant, this may be a further indication of improper denial.

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